Platinum Goldies Females

Our Momma dogs are from some of the best lines available. We are currently working on getting all of our testing done on all  parents. We offer a full one year health guarantee on all of our puppies, and a life-time of support when needed.

Thelma - Golden Retriever Female Dam


Goldie - Golden Retriever Female Dam


This lady is absolutely gorgeous! She is AKC Golden Retriever and is full of her self! There is never a dull moment with this girl around.

Cowgirl - Female F1 Goldendoodle Dam


Miss Cowgirl is an F1 Goldendoodle, standard in size and gorgeous! She is super spoiled and she knows it.  You could say she is the “Queen Bee” here at Platinum Goldies.

Sugar - F1 Goldendoodle Female Dam


Sugar is an F1 Goldendoodle that we held back for our breeding program. She is absolutely stunning. She has not had any puppies yet, but we do expect a litter sometime this year.

Louise - Female Golden Retriever Dam


Pictures of all our other females coming soon!

We have three English Cream Females that came to us all the way from Russia! They are Thelma, Louise and Laurie Darlin! These girls are absolutely gorgeous all AKC Registered and raise absolutely gorgeous puppies.  Thelma and Louise are sisters who where shipped to us from Russia. Sire is Europe and Asia Bentil Brait and Dam is Pecan Knoxvilleberry.

Miss Laurie Darlin is an awesome Lady she is also an English Cream. Her Sire is Rivers Edge Taz Boy and Dam is Rivers Edge Hope. She is a gorgeous female that loves to run and play but most of all being the center of attention.

Our puppies come with  current health records and up to date shots. All puppies are well on their way to being crate trained when they go home and have all been well socialized with my five year old son Tripp. He loves to run and play with all the babies!

We also have an American Golden Retriever named Goldie and breath taking! Goldie is very laid back and loves to just follow behind you making sure she doesnt miss out on any of the daily activities. She has an exceptional temperment. She is expecting a litter of puppies in the next few weeks. We are very excited about her upcoming litter!

Cowgirl is an F1B little lady, her Momma is Goldie and her Daddy is Herman..and she is a mess! Lets just say that my son and I both fell in love with her at first sight. She has a wavy coat and is lighter in color. She is an awesome dog and has been absolutely great addition to our family and wonderful for my son.